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November 2016 Newsletter

a plate of food and a glass of wine

“True comfort food can wrap its arms around you and give you a great big hug.” – Jamie Oliver


Our biggest little high desert home offers a slew of opportunities for food lovers everywhere to delight their palettes. The oasis that is Reno’s culinary scene wouldn’t be possible without the hardworking, inspiring and talented people behind the scenes.

This month we sat with one of our favorite cuisine ambassadors, Stephanie Teeter, Executive Chef of Liberty Food & Wine Exchange to chat seasonal favorites, guilty pleasures and more. Stephanie quit her career as a loan officer to pursue her passion for cooking, and we are so thankful she did.

From Nevada farmers to the masterminds behind Reno’s many restaurants, cafes and watering holes, it’s truly a privilege to be in the company of such talented people. Read the full interview below, and please join us for your very own food tour so you may experience our dynamic culinary community for yourself.

With gratitude,
The Reno Food Tours Team

Courtney the Riveter in front of the Great Basin

Start you day with a big breakfast at Creme Cafe in MidTown


What is the most unexpected attention rousing dish on the menu?

Stephanie Teeter: The biggest thing is how we pair it together. We have a wonderful salumi I just adore. It’s called andouille, and what we’ve done is we’ve put that with burrattta on toast… It’s just surprising. It’s smooth, but it’s one of those dishes you go back for.

What do you recommend drinking with that?

Stephanie Teeter: I am big on reds, and I like bourbon. So you can go either way with those. The andouille can lend itself to either red or white. Myself – I would have either a Kentucky Mule, or I would have it with a nice Cab or a Malbec.

What ingredient are you loving this season?

Stephanie Teeter: I really enjoy butternut (squash), because it’s sweet on its own. A lot of folks add sugar too it, and I just don’t see the need. It’s such a savory/sweet blend. I love it when you have those contrasting flavors. The savory. The sweet. The sour. The salty.

How would you describe the culinary community in Reno?

Stephanie Teeter: When I was growing up it was either a casino or a chain restaurant… I think the information that’s available now and the heightened food scene across the nation has brought in an influx of new fresh flavors.

Are there any trends in Reno you think are over-rated?

Stephanie Teeter: I think trying to fuze stuff together forcibly is overrated. Trying to be so clever that you forget to stay with the food.

What is the most exciting part of being on the Liberty team?

Stephanie Teeter: The pure freedom I have which is kind of funny that we’re called Liberty. Not that I just get to do whatever I want, but there is a trust here that Mark has basically turned over to me. We talk with the team, and it isn’t just me coming up with great ideas.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Stephanie Teeter: All you can eat sushi is a horrible, horrible guilty pleasure for me. I don’t allow myself to go. My husband and I will wait and go maybe once a year. It’s just such a glutinous thing.

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Why? Because everyone loves food, and experiences last a lifetime.

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