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In Between Meals: Best Vintage Stores in Reno

a person in a red car in front of a building

Thinking about your next meal during your current meal? We get it. During breakfast, you’re thinking about lunch. During lunch,you’re thinking about dinner. During dinner, you’re thinking about drinks, and during drinks, you’re thinking about whether or not you’ve earned a midnight snack. It doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying your current meal, we like to…

Reno Springs into Deliciousness: 5 spring-inspired items to try today

a person sitting at a table with a plate of food

Spring is upon us! The snow is starting to melt making way for precious produce to sprout. Reno’s restaurants are reveling in the delicious bounty of the new season and we can’t wait to taste through the changing menus around town. Here are some of the awesome spring-inspired dishes and drinks to try right now!…

Reno Farmer’s Market Season 2019

a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables on display

Reno Farmers Market Season  With sunny weather ahead, Farmers Market season is upon us. Reno is full of farmers markets selling delicious seasonal produce from local farms, prepared foods, and sundries. Get to know the area’s incredible purveyors at one of these local Reno farmers markets. Sparks Tuesday Morning Market  With sunny weather ahead, Farmers…

Chef Spotlight: Geoffrey Caliger of Liberty Food & Wine Exchange

a man wearing a hat and glasses

Since it opened in 2016, Reno’s Liberty Food and Wine Exchange has garnered a reputation for locally sourced, inventive food. Their new Chef Geoffrey Caliger is carrying on the restaurant’s manifesto. A South Lake Tahoe native, Geoffrey spent nine years cooking his way across the country, before coming home to Reno Tahoe. The arrival of…

Gluten Free Guide to Eating Out in Reno

a piece of bread on a cutting board with a cake

From pastries to pizza – 6 places for downright delicious gluten-free food in Reno! Just because you’re gluten-free doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice deliciousness. It may be a choice, it may be for medical reasons, but for some, there’s no getting gluten in your gut. Thankfully, Reno has tons of options, so gluten-free foodies…

Finally, team-building that’s actually fun!

a group of people sitting at a table in a restaurant

Did you know Reno Food Tours caters private group tours for corporate team-building? Well, for any special occasion you can think of actually: bridal showers, promotion celebrations, birthday parties, entertaining clients, bachelorette parties and more! But back to team building. Building rapport with your colleagues doesn’t have to include awkward games or completing personality tests….

In Between Meals: Take a self-guided Midtown Mural Tour

a stop sign

Reno’s Midtown district is colorful in more than personality, the up and coming neighborhood is filled with murals. Hundreds of murals can be found plastered on the sides of buildings and hidden in alleyways. Get a dose of culture, admire some art and digest between delicious Midtown meals on our self-guided Midtown Mural Tour! Start:…

5 Hidden Gems for Eating Out in Reno


For visitors to Reno, the twinkling casino lights can draw you in like a moth to a flame. It’s easy to get pulled in to the glow and spend your time walking the line at resort buffets, but this old west American town has a thriving food scene just outside the ring of slot machines….

Packed with Produce! Our top 5 veggie picks in Reno.

two oranges sitting on top of a table

It’s Lammas season― meaning the first harvest of the year is here. In the Northern Hemisphere, Lammas was a festival which celebrated the annual grain harvest. It meant autumn was well on its way and with it, the fruits of a farmer’s labor. Northern Nevada’s harvests are plentiful, and we encourage you to seize the…