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The Recipe for a Perfect Day in MidTown Reno

a group of people sitting at a table eating food

A day in MidTown Reno.

At Reno Food Tours, we’re clearly into guides.  Tour guides, city guides, restaurant guides (you get the gist) – so we thought we’d come up with a full guided day in MidTown for you to enjoy!

This is of course aside from our MidTown & Mural food tour which takes you to multiple restaurants, an ice cream sandwich shop and more to enjoy a tasty day off the eaten path. If you prefer a fun, knowledgable guide take you and your loved ones around town, then we highly recommend booking your tickets today!

In the interim, grab some loved ones and clear your calendars for a full day of good food, stunning murals, shopping and even a little bit of exercise.  Make sure to take lots of photos + use the #EatUpReno to share your adventures with us!


-The RFT Team



Blue Whale Coffee
Where: 32 Cheney Street
What to order: Almond milk latte
Why we’re obsessed: This inviting espresso den is the perfect amount of small with big coffee flavor and familial customer service. Even better, they only serve Hub Coffee Roasters’ coffee beans roasted here in our very own Reno, Nevada.



Creme Cafe
Where: 18 St. Lawrence Street
What to order: German crepes (lemon butter + powdered sugar)
Why we’re obsessed: Crepes are one of those elusive breakfast items that are as delicious as they are challenging to make in the comfort of your own home. Creme has mastered the art – so you don’t have to.



Recycled Records
Where: 822 S. Virginia Street
What to get: A vinyl record, duh.
Why we’re obsessed: In the era of “free” online music, we’ve grown nostalgic for the art of collecting music. Recycled has an impeccable selection for all musical tastes, and they even have tapes.



MidTown Community Yoga
Where: 600 S. Virginia Street
What to do: The “Lunch Break” yoga class
Why we’re obsessed: Their studio space is open, inviting and decidedly zen- and the yogis in charge are patient devotees, more than willing to take you step-by-step into Warrior Pose (despite you maybe not having step foot in a yoga class for at least 5 years).



Great Full Gardens

Where: 555 S. Virginia Street
What to order: Paleo lunch bowl with salmon + a smidgen of wasabi (you had German crepes for breakfast, it’s time to be good).
Why we’re obsessed: The Great Full team is clearly obsessed with thoughtful, wholesome food! Their menu items are made for nourishment all the while bringing the flavor to back it. If you’re in the mood, definitely try some GinoTheSoupMan soup too.



Reno Public House
Where: 17 S. Virginia Street
What to order: Dealer’s Choice
Why we’re obsessed: This local’s favorite always has an impeccable selection of craft beers for all flavor palettes. For us, Public House is Reno’s Cheers equivalent, complete with familiar faces and the added bonus of a newly renovated patio to enjoy your libations.



Where: 516 S. Virginia Street
What to get: The prix fixe menu
Why we’re obsessed: This five-course menu boasts menu classics with contemporary twists and often features exotic dishes like ostrich finalized in vanilla with mushroom sauce and mint pilaf (seriously). By the time you get to dessert, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied and ready for a night-cap at home. After all, you’ve had quite the day.

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