Eat on the Cheap: Our Favorite Budget Bites

Coke vs. Pepsi, Thor vs. Loki, Borg vs. McEnroe and your inner foodie vs. your pocketbook. Rivalries that will stand the test of time. But just as Borg and McEnroe epic tennis feud ended in them becoming best friends, there’s a way to satisfy your cravings for great food and money in the bank. Check out our favorite places to go for cheap eats in Reno!

Tacos El Rey

Even if Tacos El Rey wasn’t cheap, it would still be a place to get a phenomenal taco. The fact that the tacos are $1.39 each is icing on the cake, or more appropriately hot sauce on your taco! They have 3 locations throughout Reno, so you’re never too far from some great Mexican cooking. If tacos aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of options on their Guadalajara inspired menu. The combo meals starting at $6.99 are a good place to start.


reno cheap eats_beefys

This retro burger shop is a Reno staple. The fries come heaped on a silver cafeteria tray and fitting your mouth around one of their burgers is a real feat. Digesting a meal there takes a full afternoon, so the fact that you can get this delicious artery clogging goodness for less than $10 is quite miraculous! The food might be rich, but this burger joint doesn’t skimp on quality. They use the best ingredients around, including beef from Ponderosa Butcher Shops. Their milkshakes are thick and delicious, and they have an incredible selection of craft beers!

Restaurante Yesenia

reno cheap eats_ yesenia

The pupusa is the unsung hero of Central American food. Fluffy corn pockets stuffed with melty cheese and flavorful meats, it doesn’t get much better! Restaurante Yesenia has the best pupusas in town! The menu features both Mexican and El Salvadorian favorites, don’t miss out on the fried plantains.


Mouthwatering shawarma awaits at this hole in the wall. Lamb and chicken are slowly roasted, upright on the rotisseries (vegetarians will go nuts for the falafel) then wrapped in Lafah, a Middle Eastern flatbread, the wrap will run you between $9 and $11 depending on the type of meat you get. Crunchy chickpeas and Za’atar popcorn make for addicting sides at $3 each.

India Kabab & Curry

At $8.99 the lunch buffet at Indian Kabab & Curry is one of the best deals in town. They always use fresh ingredients, which means the menu changes daily. You can count on flavorful chutneys, something from the tandoor oven, tasty curries and naan to soak up all the goodness.   


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