Packed with Produce! Our top 5 veggie picks in Reno.

It’s Lammas season― meaning the first harvest of the year is here. In the Northern Hemisphere, Lammas was a festival which celebrated the annual grain harvest. It meant autumn was well on its way and with it, the fruits of a farmer’s labor.

Northern Nevada’s harvests are plentiful, and we encourage you to seize the season’s bounty! Increase your fruit + vegetable intake with abandon this August; dive into rich plates of spicy arugula; crisp, vibrant tomatoes; hand-picked berries and more at so many of our favorite local establishments.

We love celebrating local businesses and the people who know the inherent value of sourcing local food! And so we’ve compiled a list of our top five Reno establishments to go veggie with this August.

  1. Old Granite Street Eatery- Wood Grilled Veggie Burger

Veggie burger sound like a seize the season cop out to you? Well, don’t be so quick to judge a veggie burger by its cover! Old Granite Street Eatery (a fan favorite stop on our downtown tour) has truly perfected the fine art of meatless burgers. They craft each patty from scratch- never too dry, always filling and boy are they are beautiful. Rather than opting for our time-tested favorite, potato medallions, go for a side salad to increase your leafy green intake. Your doctor will thank you.

2. Laughing Planet – Highway to Kale Salad

Laughing Planet is a chain, but they are a very small chain in only four cities with impeccable values. And Northern Nevada’s Laughing Planet is owned by none other than the godfather of Reno’s conscious food scene, Tim Healion- the proprietor of the infamous and very missed Deux Gros Nez. Okay, now that we’re done swearing to the validity of this addition, we implore you to order the Highway to Kale salad the next time you visit. When fresh, local kale meet a good pun, you literally cannot go wrong. Promise.

3. Flint Street Farm- Permaculture in the BLC

Located in the heart of downtown Reno, this urban farm is all about sustainable and conscious business practices. The Flint Street Farm crew put their money where the community’s mouth is and grow food for the Reno Housing Authority and the Reno Initiative for Shelter & Equality- both of whom provide meals for those less fortunate. They grow stunning flowers and tasty vegetables with fierce dedication. Call 775-622-0587 to meet their Farmacologist, Anna, and chat Flint Street!

Farmacologist, Anna at Flint Street Farm

Flint Street Gardens curved growing structure











4. Mari Chuy’s – Veggie Taco featuring a jicama shell

So you’re not a salad person. We get it. Ease your way into a fresher palette at Mari Chuy’s with their vegetarian taco. Each taco features delicately sliced jicama as the taco shell. Not only is this fresh treat a cardiovascular dream, but it’s surprising flavors are sure to delight your palette especially when topped with their exceptionally crisp pico de gallo! Plus, when do you ever eat jicama? Say yes to adventure off the eaten path.


5. Great Basin Community Food Co-Op – Lattin Farms Cantaloupes

Did you know it’s cantaloupe season? And did you know Northern Nevada is home to our very own award winning “Heart of Gold” cantaloupes grown on Lattin Fams in Fallon? This goddess of melons is a delightful dessert after any meal less the processed sugars (save ’em for the holiday season). If you aren’t a melon fan, that’s okay too. Anything you go for at the co-op is sure to be as consciously sourced as it is delicious.

Want to seize the season with visiting friends or for a loved ones birthday? We would love to have you as our guest on a Reno Food Tour for adventure off the eaten path! Think guided tour, local food and fresh ingredients with the ones you love.

Let’s celebrate Lammas together! Follow the link below to get your tickets today!

With full hearts + bellies,

– The Reno Food Tours Team



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