About Reno Food Tours

We believe Reno is a little different.
We create amazing shared experiences that are joyful, informational, and tasty.
We connect Reno history, culture & community with food.
We foster uniqueness by showcasing unexpected places.
And above all, we abide by the following four rules- Be positive, send love, have fun and kick ass.


Meet The Founder

Melissa Smith, Founder/Chief Eating Officer

Melissa Smith is the founder, owner, and Chief Eating Officer of Reno Food Tours.
While not a professional foodie by training, Melissa launched Reno Food Tours as a way to share her love of the exciting culinary scene in Reno with others. Being able to lead visitors and re-introduce locals to some of the best food and drink Reno has to offer is a dream come true.
Melissa has been a Reno resident for over 25 years.

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